M50 : The Ross Spur

The M50 is a 24 mile stretch of dual carriageway running between the M5 in Gloucestershire through to Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. Opened in 1960, it is one of England’s oldest motorways and the only remaining example that retains it’s original two lane layout. This aside, it’s not a particularly remarkable road, a quiet passageway through open countryside to the Welsh border.

This new photo series will capture the juxtaposition and impact of this asphalt ribbon in its rural setting, documenting the junctions, overpasses, underpasses, traffic and life on and around it. December 2020 – ongoing.

Strensham Services M5/M50 Junction
Wyndbrook Lane underpass
A417 / M50 Junction 2
Silos near Junction 2
M50 Junction 0
Horses at Pendock
Light trails near Junction 0
A38/M50 Junction 1
M50 looking east
M50 from Pendock Old Church graveyard
M50 looking west
Caf’ A38 Car Park nr Junction 1
M50 Junction 1 westbound
Discarded Burger King cup near Junction 2
A couple take a quiet stroll under the M50 on Wyndbrook Lane
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