There must be a million reasons to rejoice in the virtues of the British spring time, but one of my personal favorites is the return of good old fashioned boot sale. The anticipation of unearthing some genuine treasure for a few quid always gives me butterflies as the car squeaks and groans over the heavily ridged parking field. Of course 9 times out of 10 it never lives up to my expectations. We usually end up heading home glum and silent with perhaps some bananas and a blister pack of hearing aid batteries for the kids toys. Occasionally though, lady luck looks our way and we strike gold. Today was one of those days.
20160508_162717_resizedEven my 3 year old daughter was excited at the prospect of some new stuff. Her ‘Hello Kitty’ purse (containing about 27p) clutched close to her chest as she scampered off into the heaving sale. She took first blood with two Miffy the Rabbit books which dad forked out a round pound for. Then my wife unearthed a couple of small 1930s wade jugs. No chips or cracks, totally mint. “£5 for the two? Fair enough guv”. I quickly brought up the rear with a smart a-symmetric pressed pink glass tray for £1 (and a model Jaguar XJR-9 for 20p, but we’ll not go into that). 20160508_163014_resized

To be fair, there is always a selection of 1930s bits and bobs going at a decent sale. Glass, pottery, brown furniture & kitchenalia are easy to find if you keep your peepers open. Unfortunately we already have a house overflowing with the stuff, and as I don’t really ‘deal’ it’s always prudent to be a bit picky. Never the less, today my friends, I recon we done good!

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