Tastes and fashions can be extremely baffling at times. I was recently asked to sell a second hand ‘built from flat pack’ pine dresser for my in-laws. A horrible orange knotty thing it was, with a semi traditional look that would look equally out of place in a period home as it would in an off the peg new build. I reluctantly took some photos and banged it up on ebay with a £5 start and generally low expectations. To say I was gobsmacked at the £122 final bid is a gross understatement. It was duly collected and the new owners seemed genuinely chuffed to bits with it.

small dresser1Some days later I spotted rather nice dressing table on the said same site. A marvelous curved beauty it was, probably dating from the late 40s, but possibly pre-war. On top sat a towering beveled edge mirror with two hinged side panels. Now this is just the sort of thing that I thought the vintage fashion crew would be falling over themselves to acquire. It was fairly local, so with this in mind I small dresser4put in cheeky bid, planning to pop it in my daughters room should I win. The hammer fell with my winning high bid of £3.21. I couldn’t quite believe it.. clearly my tastes are so far off what is currently in vogue that I should lock my interior design thoughts away to save embarrassment rather than blog about it. But once again I’m going against the grain! small dresser2

Dorothy loves her new dressing table. Somewhere to keep her necklaces, even if some are ‘a bit scratchy’.

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